What we do

Adour International helps companies with industrial partnering in countries where local content legislation applies. Our focus is Africa with a niche expertise in Nigerian local content and due diligence work in the energy industry.


We perform the required analysis and in-depth financial, operational and commercial due diligence on foreign and local companies. After taking into account tangible criteria such as manufacturing capabilities, commercial positioning and financial resources as well as many intangible elements such as business strategies, revenue models and corporate cultures we then quantify and qualify the suitability of those companies in light of the specific partnership arrangement they could form together.


Clients are then able to select with confidence the right companies to partner with in order to comply with local content requirements, meet technical specifications and optimise project time, quality and cost objectives.


With offices in Aberdeen (UK), Houston (USA), Lagos (Nigeria) and Paris (France) we serve all client categories of the oil & gas industry including E&P operators, equipment manufacturers, service companies, EPCs and financiers.


Our key strengths: Africa, due diligence, industrial partnerships and local content implementation.


Please do refer to the CONTACTS section for more information on our locations:



Throughout the year we attend a number of key energy industry events and focused local content working group gatherings including:

Nigeria Oil & Gas (NOG) in February (Abuja, Nigeria)
Nigeria Power in February (Abuja, Nigeria)
Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) in May (Houston, TX, USA)
SPE Nigeria Annual International Conference and Exhibition (NAICE) in August (Lagos, Nigeria)
Offshore Northern Seas (ONS) in August (Stavanger, Norway)
SPE Offshore Europe in September (Aberdeen, UK)
Global Local Content Summit in September (London, UK)
EU-Nigeria business forum in October (Lagos, Nigeria)
GEP-AFTP annual congress in October (Paris, France)
SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition (ATCE) in October (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
Power Nigeria in October (Lagos, Nigeria)
PILOT Share Fair in November (Aberdeen, UK)
Practical Nigerian Content in November (Yenagoa, Nigeria)


The EVENTS section under MEDIA provides details on many of the events we attend: