Quality policy

We recognise that the quality of our services is critical to the success of our customers. We are therefore dedicated to meeting or exceeding our customers’ expectations in terms of quality whist complying with all statutory and regulatory requirements.


We commit to:


Set clear quality objectives

Comply with local and international regulations and commit to industry standards and best practices

Implement measures to improve quality at all levels

Define and monitor Key Performance Indicators

Continuously monitor, measure and review our performance

Maintain a reporting system that allows the analysis of the quality of our service and any non-conformities and which disseminates recommendations to improve performance across the company

Ensure that staff have the necessary skills, training and resources to deliver the highest level of customer satisfaction

Communicate openly with stakeholders to ensure an understanding of our quality policies, standards, programs and performance

Continuously improve processes and services using an effective and appropriate Quality Management System (QMS)


This policy shall be regularly reviewed to ensure on-going suitability. Our commitments listed above are applicable alongside the high level of operating standards and code of conduct in place at ADOUR INTERNATIONAL as well as all applicable laws and regulations where we operate.


Photo credit: Marco Dufour / Total