HSE policy

We are committed to achieving and maintaining excellence in all aspects of our activities.


We will provide a system of work to protect the health, safety and security of our employees, visitors, contractors and the public and at the same time minimise the impact of our activities on the environment. Our management is responsible for implementing, communicating and ensuring compliance with the Health Safety Environment (HSE) policies and standards which shall ensure a healthy and safe work environment for all our stakeholders.


To achieve excellence in our business and work environment, the commitment and cooperation of all managers, employees, contractors and visitors is essential.


We commit to:


Protect and strive for the improvement of health, safety and security of our people at all times

Comply with local and international regulations and commit to industry standards and best practices

Implement controls to minimise risks at all levels

Set performance objectives

Define and monitor Key Performance Indicators

Continuously monitor, measure and review our performance

Maintain a reporting system that allows analysis of incidents, potential incidents and non-conformities and which disseminates recommendations to prevent recurrence across the company

Promote and maintain awareness of workplace hazards

Ensure that staff have the necessary skills, training and protection to operate in a healthy and safe work environment

Communicate openly with stakeholders to ensure an understanding of our HSE policies, standards, programs and performance

Continuously improve processes and services using an effective and appropriate HSE management system


This policy shall be regularly reviewed to ensure on-going suitability. Our commitments listed above are applicable alongside the high level of operating standards and code of conduct in place at ADOUR INTERNATIONAL as well as all applicable laws and regulations where we operate.


Photo credit: Francois Lacour / Total