NEL (Flow measurement services) Produced Water Workshop 2016

Building on the success of delivering over 30 Produced Water Management and Oil-in-Water Measurement Conferences globally, NEL is now organising this year’s Produced Water Workshop. The objective of the event is for interested parties to find out and keep up to date with the latest technological and legislative developments, as well as current practices and trends in produced water management, treatment and handling.



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Our attendance at the NEL (Flow measurement services) Produced Water Workshop 2016 will focus on enabling industrial partnerships with indigenous companies in Africa in response to local content legislation.

We perform the required analysis and in-depth financial, operational and commercial due diligence on foreign and local companies. This enables clients to select the right companies to partner with, meet local content requirements and optimise project time, quality and cost objectives. Our niche expertise is Nigerian local content and due diligence work in the energy industry.


Workshop Outline:

The amount of produced water resulting from oil and gas production continues to rise worldwide. This is accompanied by increasingly more stringent regulatory requirements, e.g. Risk Based Approach is now being implemented in the North Sea. In addition, chemical Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) is being hotly pursued by industry. Produced water returned in these operations however is significantly more difficult to treat. Also subsea separation and produced water re-injection technologies continue to advance, but monitoring of produced water quality subsea remains a key technology gap. To help industry address some of these challenges particularly in the current low oil price environment, NEL is hosting the latest Produced Water Workshop. This two day event will cover such issues within the industry today ranging from presentations delivered by key industry experts, to open discussion and networking. Equipment providers will be showcasing their latest developments and sharing their field experience in tackling these issues head on with the supplemental exhibition to the Workshop.


About NEL:

NEL is a leading provider of measurement services to the Oil and Gas Industry, and is the UK’s Standard for Flow Measurement. Boasting independent world class expertise and facilities, we provide services in key areas including:


• Measurement consultancy – meter selection, system audit and uncertainty studies

• Meter development and calibration single phase, wet gas and multiphase systems

• Erosion – assessment and validation

• Environmental – produced water, oil-in-water, emissions and CCS

• CFD Modelling – flow assurance, measurement and uncertainty

• Training and knowledge transfer


NEL is trading name of TUV SUD Ltd, a company of the TÜV SÜD Group, the leading global technical services organisation. Around 22,000 employees are represented at over 800 locations throughout the world. Further details on how NEL can help your business, please visit


Meet Adour International at the event:

Dates:                 7–8 June, 2016
Location:            Aberdeen, UK
Venue:                Jurys Inn Aberdeen Airport Hotel, Argyll Road, Aberdeen, AB21 0AF, UK


Adour International supports customers from offices in Aberdeen (UK), Houston (USA), Lagos (Nigeria) and Paris (France). Please do refer to the CONTACTS section for more information on our locations: