Corporate member of GEP-AFTP

Adour International renews corporate membership in 2015 with the GEP-AFTP, a leading oil & gas industry association.


The GEP-AFTP leverages the experience and technical competencies of companies across the full spectrum of the oil & gas industry in France including operators, manufacturers, service providers and consulting firms.


The association also organizes targeted missions for its corporate members to many global industry events including SPE Offshore Europe in the UK, Offshore Northern Seas (ONS) in Norway and Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) in the USA. They also host a number of focused working groups addressing a variety of technical and industry topics. Adour International is a member of one such group – the GEP-AFTP local content working group.


Their flagship event is an annual two day information-packed congress which takes place every October in Paris, known as “les Journées Annuelles des Hydrocarbures (JAH)”, with presentations by prominent speakers and attended by delegates from all sectors of the oil & gas industry.


More information on all the above can be found on the GEP-AFTP web site:


2015, February 16th