Aveon Offshore Limited: fabrication yard facility visit

Adour International visited Aveon Offshore Limited’s fabrication facility in Rumuolumeni, Port Harcourt, Nigeria this week.


Current fabrication work includes:


For FMC Technologies on the TOTAL Egina SPS (Subsea Production System):

6-off manifolds (1,500 t), 6-off manifold support structures (650 t), 6-off suction piles (520 t), 2-off pigging loop (55 t); 44-off PGB (606 t); 5-off SDU frame (73 t); 5-off SDU foundation (94 t); 16-off UTA frame (195 t); 33-off Xmas tree frames (260 t); 1-off FOTOM flying lead basket (0.40 t); 8-off production well jumper U shape (108 t); 13-off production well jumper L shape (154 t); 16-off jumper fabrication stands (123 t); 23-off jumper baskets (9 t); 2-off jumper lifting frame (23 t). Total tonnage: 4,370


For National Oil Varco (NOV) on the TOTAL Egina OLT Buoy:

1-off 950 ton OLT buoy


For FMC Technologies on Agbami Phase 3:

2-off 4 slot production manifold (175 t) & suction piles (78 t); 2-off pigging loop (4 t) and 4-EDU; 2-off EDU (2 t)


Previous fabrication work has been performed on projects including:


Adanga North A Wellhead Platform, Afren Ebok Field, Agbami Subsea, Chevron Meji A, Delta South Quarter (DSQ), East Area Projects EPC1A, Erha North Phase 2, Escravos, ExxonMobil EPC4A, ExxonMobil Satellite Field Development, MG Hulme, MPNU Ekpe-Asabo, MPNU OSO RR Double Block & Bleed, MPNU Pipeline Anode Retrofit, MPNU Stainless Steel Piping, OAGM, Okan, SFD1 Brown Field / OPG Gas Lift Program, Shell Bonga, Shell Gbaran Ubie EPF, Shell Okoloma Gas Plant, TOTAL Akpo, TOTAL Ofon, TOTAL Usan and Usari Idoho Pipeline II.


Detailed information on the company’s capabilities is available on their website:



Update posted: 2015, July 28th